Strategic PlanningDigital Campaigns

Today no one wants to be just a part of the flock. Everyone secretly dreams of being the Howard Roark of 21st century. But as a brand you simply can not get there without creative, memorable and resonating with the public campaigns. And let’s tell you now – papers, radio, TV, yes, they sell, but they’re all in a wheel chair. The new generation uses the Internet and changes the world. Be part of this movement and launch you digital campaign with an experienced partner as Symbol Advertising.

Strategic PlanningSocial Media Marketing

“Isn’t the social media part of the digital campaigns?”. We are almost sure that would be the first question you are going to ask. Yes, it is. But social media nowadays is so vital that it became a completely different thing – a living organism of its own. And let’s tell you today what brings down empires and makes small brands rise to the top are exactly the social media. Symbol Advertising has the team to pick up your story and tell it the right way to the public, to sell not just a product but the inspiration behind it.

Strategic PlanningWeb Design

In 21st century Web Design is a monster of its own. It’s completely different from other types of design because it involves knowing the latest trends in web platforms. It does not take only a vision but precision and understanding of technologies. Our team has designed some of the most popular, widely used and visually appealing websites in the region, so we dare say that what our clients get one can not find anywhere else.

Strategic PlanningGraphic Design

For us the two worst sounding words in English are “OK” and “Good”. Graphic Design is the first impression. The thing that stands before all the great stories. It is what makes the difference between good and great. It is what makes someone recognizable in the first place. What makes a story worth being listened to. Thus, believe us when we tell you – after we are done with your designs you will be floating above the competition.

Strategic PlanningAnimation Design

One of our main jobs is to engage the auditory and make an impact. This is why sometimes animation comes at the rescue. When a story is somewhat ordinary and something that might not catch the public or when we simply want additional engagement animation is the best way to make things look brighter and more involving for the auditory. When it comes to that we work with our own characters, create different worlds using various styles of drawing. Symbol Advertising is the WOW-factor to every animation.

Strategic PlanningData Visualization

It is hard to visualize data. From one side it should be informative, concrete and up to the point. From the other – in most times it needs to be engaging and interesting. You hated statistics? Well, you sure won’t be very interested in random numbers and curves if you are not an analyst yourself. So what Symbol Advertising does is make these data visualizations come to live. We won’t just provide you with a design that will make it clear to the public, we will present you with a piece of art that will make even a three year old interested in the charts, numbers and curves.

Strategic PlanningBranding

It is great to have some nice looking design. But do you have the whole package? You know when you see Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson you fall in love to the very last detail. That is what branding is all about – turning a company into a recognizable brand. Having a whole package to present from logo, brand colors, corporate design to your company’s blank. We are here to help you build your overall branding and present yourself to the world as one of the symbols of tomorrow.

Strategic PlanningStrategic Planning

In order to make Sagrada Familia you got to picture it in your mind and have a strategy for building it, knowing where every single brick should fit. Likewise, each campaign and message should be approached with a clear sense of continuity and development, as a part of the overall communication process. Strategic Planning is the blueprints of your success.

Strategic PlanningStart-up Development

Having a start-up can be quite the challenge, believe us. We know that because every single company in our family went through this. We are here to offer you a fast road out of the struggle to grow a great idea and turn it into a business model in a market that is not always supportive and as easy to get in as you might think. We are here to be a partner on the road, to show you the next step and take it together, to reach the next level, to make a dream come true!